SINGSTART! TOTS classes are for children aged 0- 4 years approximately, although children a little older or younger than this are welcome to join too. Children come along each week not only with Mummy, but maybe Daddy, Grandma, or another special person and learn about music and rhythm in a fun and friendly environment. There are many other benefits to attending the classes, including developing good social skills, encouraging active listening, increasing concentration, and building confidence and self-esteem. 

Each weekly 30 minute session is carefully structured. Sessions run in blocks of 5 weeks per school half term. Each block has a story theme, eg. Home, and a musical theme, eg. Loud and Soft, and the activities are built around these two themes. As well as singing old and new songs, there is always percussion time where children learn about rhythm and also a short listening section. Many other non-musical ideas are introduced through the classes too, depending on the theme we are following. For example; counting / colours, and also early drama skills are encouraged too, eg. pretending to be an animal.

 The songs are a mixture of nursery rhymes, traditional songs and original songs especially composed for SingStart! Many songs have simple actions and movements to accompany them, and the sessions often involve a variety of teddies and other props to help capture the children’s attention. Above all, classes are an opportunity for adult and child to spend some special time together whilst learning and making new friends at the  same time! 

 Feedback from Parents...

“My 3 yr old son & 2 yr old daughter were at Tea & Tots this morning and loved your session, particularly my daughter who kept singing about jungles and roaring lions all afternoon. In fact, out of a very active and unusual day, it was your session she remembered at bedtime when Daddy asked her what she'd been up to.